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Hiring in this new world

You might want to hire staff in the next few months.  This is going to happen for a number of reasons. Some might be the usual reasons staff leave. For example, a staff member simply decides to move away from the district, to accept another offer of employment, to go to University or whatever

But some might be unexpected.  Some might have an OMG moment.  They rethink what they want to do.  They want a complete career change. They may do this abruptly or use a process to take several years to get to the career they want.

If you restructure your business to suit the new environment, hiring new staff may become an issue. For example, if one of your major product line is not selling and those positions are no longer needed.

Whatever happens, is it is important that you treat the recruitment activity as a marketing activity.

Just because the New Zealand unemployment levels may reach a new high level does not mean you will have flocks of the right people with the right skills applying for jobs with you. Yes, it is likely the number of candidates will increase, but are they are the right people. Two simple questions apply:

  • Do I like having this person working for me?
  • Do they like working for me?

This is about finding people who fit in your business.

If you want help with the recruitment process, please contact Steve Newby on 0212621035; steve@newbyhr.com

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