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Making staff redundant

Whatever your business goals are, it is inevitable that you may face a situation where you must make some of your stuff redundant. It might be a purely financial decision. It might happen as the wage subsidy expires.  You can no longer afford the staff member.

Making staff redundant is fraught with PR potential problems. You can be portrayed as a heartless employer who is solely seeking to make money out of the situation. Who is taking the Government’s handout and is now dispensing with staff.

It is important that you take that emotion out of the situation by having a clear rationale for why you might make somebody redundant.

It cannot be because of a performance or personality problem, or because of a health issue that the staff member has where they feel that they are unable to return to work. For advice on how to manage change and to make staff redundant, contact Steve Newby on 0212621035; steve@newbyhr.com

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