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It’s the small things – little positive changes are good for business

Why is the colour yellow so important right now?

With the downturn in business that Employers are experiencing, now is the best time to use your staff to brighten your workplace or office.   Colours like light yellow or other bright colours can lighten the staff’s mood and can make it more enjoyable to be at work.

It’s good for business when staff are more enthusiastic to be at work and more positive about your firm, it’s products and your customers.  The ripple effect of this can flow into customers viewing your business more positively and choosing to spend their money with you.

This can be part of a plan that you can use to take small steps that involve low cost, low resource changes that will add value to your business.

It is the small things that make work that much better to enjoy for your staff and for you to enjoy having your staff at work.  Big changes can be spectacular, but can cost big and can also fail spectacularly.

It is our experience that the most successful change programme is just a series of small things!

The aim is to do some small thing a little bit differently than you’re doing at the moment, but in a way that takes little money.  When staff start to notice these small things, hopefully, they will start to smile and start to enjoy being at work.

A good start in the small changes approach is to let staff choose a new colour scheme for the inside of your place of work.

Of course, the colours must be suitable for your business and in line with what your landlord’s permission allows.  This is a great idea to use staff who might have some free time and who are looking around for work to do while keeping these hours of work at the old level.

For the cost of a little bit of painting gear, some paint, maybe even getting everyone a set of company logo’d painting overalls, you can make it a fun activity. You can think outside the box and buy special paint, like whiteboard paint, that will go on Gib Board and timber surfaces and can be painted over even if you leave the premises.

A whiteboard can provide an opportunity for staff to leave for messages and support each other during this time of uncertainty or even long-term, it can be a good plus about how you manage work.

Just before you start.  If you lease your office or premises make sure that your landlord is happy with your painting plans. It would be awful if, during the next landlord visit, they said take that all off and go back to the colour that was originally on the wall.

By involving the landlord, you might even be cheeky and ask them to provide the paint. They might get into the spirit of the thing to give you the paint you need.  After all, it is tidying up their leased property and adding value to it.

Think creatively 

Maybe it is a time to encourage staff to leave palm prints up the wall. Something personal that reminds everyone who did it!

Overcoming objections.  Yes, you might face the odd individual who does not want to take part in any painting activity. You should not try to force your staff to do this so this is a good chance for you to find out what their objection is and to see if you can overcome it.  As a start, get them involved in the selection of new colours.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, think about using a professional.  There are plenty of high-quality local painters including Master Painters like Jeff Stanway, Owner Director, Whisk Renovators T: 0800RENOV8 08000736688; E jeff@whisk.co.nz W: www.whiskrenovators.co.nz, or you might want to use a specialist graphics designer to add something to your walls, maybe a fan graphic or you might see if there’s a selling point to your organisation services, DAC is one company that can provide those graphics.  Denis Clode Managing Director DAC Group, T: 042331450 E: denisclode@dac.co.nz, W: www.dac.co.nz

Other Small Things

Colour is just one of those things that you can do to spice up your workforce workplace.  Planning on the other small changes that you might introduce can be fun.  

For $100, over an hour session with either you or you and your staff, we can develop some really low-cost ideas that staff like and that add to your enjoyment about coming to work.  If you would like to talk about the numerous other things that are low-cost low resource-intensive and how they can add value to your organisation, please contact Steve Newby at email steve@newbyhr.com or call 0212621035.

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